surreal but nice

luna lovegood, of course
9 October
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anyone but fudge '96, aquavirus maggots, being an optimist, being hugged, big warm coats, biscuits, cherry bertie botts beans, collecting things, daddy, definitely nott stalking people, dragging people snorkack watching, e.e cummings, eventually finding my stuff, feeding thestrals, ferdinando, flowers, fudge's army of heliopaths, getting nicknames, ginnyfer definitely, giving people gifts, giving people nicknames, gryffindor kings, hats!!, having faith in life, hermione definitely, hugging people, interesting sayings, knitting scarves, knitting socks, making lists, mr. z definitely, nargles, neville definitely, not falling down stairs, not-quite-leprechaun hats, poetry, quidditch kings and queens, secret clubs, singing about everyday things, snorkack watching, snorkacks, snuggly things!, socks, socks!!! (with exclamation points), stripey umbrellas, talking to ginny(fer), talking to harry, talking to most anyone, talking to ronald, talking to seamus, tea, teddy especially, the claw, the colours of socks, the quibbler, thestrals, they do exist, toast, vertically challenged cats, walking backwards, writing in code